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Our journey in the world of typical Sardinian pasta begins in 1970, when Giampiero and Bruno, sons of the miller Francesco Sini, decided to transform the little rooms beside the family mill into a small pasta factory. They started producing the most famous Sardinian typical pasta: the “gnocchetti” (small dumplings of durum wheat semolina).

Two machineries and a good amount of initative formed the basis of this family enterprise that today is led by Giampiero and Bruno’s sons: Francesco, Emanuele, Antonio Francesco e Pierangelo. Gnocchetti were soon appreciated in the area: soon the two machineries and the tiny space behind the mill weren’t enough to cover the demand of Sini typical Sardinian pasta.

Gnocchetti and Malloreddus (another typical pasta format, a variation of the gnocchetti) were the the heart of the company’s production and still are.

The Pastificio Sini, founded in Ploaghe, a small town of less of 5000 inhabitants, moved for some years in Ozieri, another village of North Sardinia, where there was more room for this expanding company. Until 2006, when the new and wide locals in the center of Ploaghe were completed: so the company moved in vico Regina Margherita, the current headquarters. 600 square meters that are getting narrow for this enterprising group of pasta makers, to whom boundaries are tight.

Today the modern machineries of this Sardinian pasta factory make seven types of gnocchetti and malloreddus, made of durum wheat semolina and whole wheat semolina.

Recently Pastificio Sini added another typical Sardinian pasta type: the fregulaI, which is similar to North African berkoukes and Israeli ptitim. Fregula is made in balls of various sizes and toast in a oven. Pastificio Sini’s fregula recipes is original and tasty: created, developed and improved in the pasta factory laboratories. Initially toasted in the pan, now in a oven. A typical Sardinian product, the result of a year and a half of work, during which the current recipe has been refined and which today gives exceptional results.

Pastificio Sini’s Sardinian fregula is well appreciated in Italy and abroad. In 2013 mr Sini signed an agreement with a US company and now the Pastificio Sini produces fregula for it. The production and export to the United States needs the quality certification BRC (British Retail Consortium), which states the highest quality levels of food production required for export. Sini makes fregula also for other companies in Sardinia and in the rest of Italy.

You may find Sini’s Sardinian fregula in Belgio, Germany and France, and the four cousins do not intend to stop here.

We make typical Sardinian pasta

In this video mr Francesco Sini talks about how the Pastificio Sini works: the strict selection of raw materials and how the typical Sardinian pasta is made. Today our fregola and gnocchetti are exported in Europe and in the United States.

Discover our typical Sardinian pasta!

Fregola sarda integrale

Fregola sarda grossa

Fregola sarda media

Fregola sarda media tostata

Gnocchetti sardi integrali

Ciccioneddos piccoli

Ciccioneddos medi

Ciccioneddos lunghi

Malloreddus colorati

Malloreddus grossi

Malloreddus lunghi



Fregola with aubergine

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Fregola with tomatoes

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